NOVEMBER 7, 2011

Parents Against Everyday Poisons© in co-operation with Shale-Concerned Groups in New Brunswick Sponsored the recent Tour of New Brunswick by Calvin Tillman, Former Mayor of Dish, Texas  —  Oct. 21st to 23rd, 2011 inclusive.

Integral to our plan for Calvin’s Tour in New Brunswick, Canada – was an orchestrated effort to focus and concentrate media attention on the first day of his visit.  Calvin participated in a Private Breakfast Meeting with Public Officials and participated in seven interviews by 3:00 p.m. on “day one” in New Brunswick.   (He had arrived at 2:00 a.m. that morning.)  We certainly put Calvin through his paces and he was completely on board with all that had been planned for him despite the grueling schedule we presented to him.  Calvin executed four public Speaking Engagements and three private – in two days – including a private ad hoc meeting with Officials from the Ministry of Natural Resources for our provincial government.  These Officials are the key decision-makers concerning Shale Gas in our Province.  It speaks well of Calvin’s presence here that once on the ground – and here for less than 48 hours –  our government made an approach us to request a private meeting with Calvin. All attempts to pre-arrange meetings between Calvin and our government prior to his actual arrival had been declined.   What that tells me as an observer is that Calvin’s presence in our province could not be ignored.

It goes a long way in establishing Calvin’s capabilities as a Speaker when a University Professor weighs in with his very favourable comments after hearing Calvin speak. Calvin was lauded by Prof. Brad Walters of Mount Allison University, Geog. & Environmental Studies Depts. and complimented on the delivery and nature of his presentation.  I should add that Mount Allison University is renown throughout Canada – the very name “Mount A.” commands respect due to its long-standing history of graduating some of the best minds in Canada.

In addition, Calvin was a delight to work with – and presented as “media savvy” in all of his media encounters – whether pre-planned or spontaneous.

Calvin is a “hidden gem” in a world of turmoil.

Stephanie Stoneleigh, Founder – Parents Against Everyday Poisons©


OCTOBER 31, 2011

Dear Calvin and ShaleTest Friends:

We want to extend our deepest gratitude for your years of work to protect communities everywhere from rapid gas development and Calvin’s superb presentation last month to our Statewide Summit, “Keeping NC’s Water, Air and Communities Safe from Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas.”

The mission of ShaleTest is critical for hundreds of communities around the country who need good data to make decisions about their safety and health, to keep pressure on regulators and policy makers, and to hold the industry accountable. In North Carolina’s case, while our current regulations prevent horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing for gas, we know that some eager landowners and gas interests are pressuring legislators and giving them self-serving information on job creation, gas potential and the lack of adverse impacts of gas development. Your detailed, clear explanations, humor and articulate presentation are a real gift to any organization or community seeking to get the real story of what could await them if rapid gas development comes to their area.

Having someone with your experience taking the time to speak truth to power about the real impacts for communities has brought us critical information that only heightened our concerns and opened our eyes to a range of impacts from pipelines, compressor stations and other gas processing and transmission facilities. We have posted a 35 min video of your excellent talk on our website, www.cwfnc.org, and even sent a copy on DVD with our official comments to the agency carrying out a study of the potential resource and impacts of shale gas in NC. The video was filmed and produced by the Dispersed video team, which has also filmed in oil and gas impacted communities in the Gulf region, is committed to raising our collective voices. Please let us know if you would like other copies of the video for ShaleTest to distribute.

Thanks again for being a co-sponsor and major speaker at our Summit! We are adding a link to ShaleTest to our website, in hopes that more folks will find out about your wonderful work and want to support you, too!

Hope Taylor, Exec. Director
Clean Water for North Carolina


OCTOBER 15, 2011

Dear Calvin & Shale[Test] folks,

We cannot tell you how much we all appreciated your speaking here in Plain Twp./Canton, Ohio last Sunday evening. As you well know, while much is written and said about groundwater contamination from shale drilling, you bring to the national discussion another critical pathway of of exposure – the air we breathe… exposure  not just merely via a periodically ingested glass of water, but 24 /7 .

Clearly the industry was worried – they sent over a dozen representatives to our meeting that night, and reportedly,  at least four different videographers, in what appeared to many of us to be an obvious attempt to intimidate.  However, your calm and thoughtful demeanor while speaking, supported by facts, without a doubt foiled their best attempts made to cast aspersions on your talk during the Q & A following.  It’s too bad they have yet to understand that they may have all the money in the world to fight the average concerned citizen on this issue, but they cannot break our spirit, our unified purpose, in protecting the health of our children.  Thanks again!


Chris Borello, for Stark Concerned Citizens
CCLT/Uniontown IEL Superfund Site and others


OCTOBER 4, 2011

Calvin, Tim, Sharon, Tammi and Susan,

I write to thank you for your time and efforts at this Sunday’s event. It was so important for our Southlake friends to hear from those that are deeply experienced with the impacts of gas drilling not properly regulated. It was a privilege to meet each of you.

You were all  passionate and compelling with your obvious expertise showing through quite clearly. I admire the impact that each of you have had locally and nationally along with your commitment to helping those that have suffered. Again, my sincere thanks for your help.

Also, I’d like to extend a special thanks to Susan and Diane for organizing the event. While we didn’t have a great deal of $ donated on site, I do know of several people that plan to donate on the web, including myself. Again, thanks all!

Best Regards,
Mike [Guidotti, S.T.A.N.D., Southlake, TX]