Tim Ruggiero

Tim Ruggiero started his involvement with natural gas development when a gas company unexpectedly set up a drilling site literally in his backyard in September of 2009. In an effort to learn more about what the energy industry was doing in the state to others, he started attending DISH, TX Town Meetings, where he met then Mayor Calvin Tillman.

Tim joined Mayor Tillman on a speaking tour on the Marcellus Shale in April of 2010, holding ‘town hall’ type informational meetings in Erie, PA Williamsport, PA Scranton, PA Montrose, PA and Binghamton, NY, where they got a firsthand look at the negative impacts gas development had on people’s drinking water, land, air, and even health.

Tim also saw by this point, that the very same government agencies, such as the DEP and TCEQ were doing nothing to protect the health concerns of people. Working together, Tim and Calvin created Shaletest, a non-profit organization whose sole purpose was to conduct air, water and soil testing for affected people who could not afford the high costs of testing.

Tim also cautions people about the adverse affects of natural gas well development on property values, following a September 16, 2010 ruling by the County Appraisal Review Board’s 5-0 decision to devalue their home by more than 75%. Tim is a strong supporter of property rights.

Tim’s personal battle with natural gas development ended in November of 2011, and he and his wife Christine and 12 year old daughter Reilly now reside on a small ranch in Pilot Point, TX.

While Tim can no longer talk about his own ordeal, Tim is very active with Shaletest and helping others affected by natural gas development. Tim is available for speaking engagements and can be reached at either tim.shaletest [at] gmail.com at 917.763.8901.