Susan Sullivan

Susan’s personal experiences with the negative impacts of urban gas drilling around her own property have provided her with the knowledge and tools to be a leading force in her community. Susan is one of the prominent activists to protest a gas refinery from going in hundreds of feet from residents and the drilling of 36 wells going in by the public schools. Her desire to advocate for a safe and healthy environment and to preserve her communities quality of life has brought her to ShaleTest.

In an article written about Susan, the Fort Worth weekly asks, “Don’t drillers and state regulators ever watch those National Geographic specials and see what mama bears do when their cubs are threatened?”

Susan Sullivan lives in Argyle, TX with her 15 year-old daughter. When she is not playing Activist Susan, she is a business owner, web designer and runner. Susan has become outspoken and vigilant as she deals with urban gas drilling personally and in her surrounding neighborhood.